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    Perhaps, this is the moment for which you have been created.

    Esther 4:14

    At Be Found Counseling, we believe that we are created for a unique purpose and have hearts of service. Each of us feel individually called into the world of counseling to support others and be the hands and feet of God. Each of us has a story that impacts the way we “do” counseling but at it’s core, you will find attuned, highly trained, and well counseled therapists.

    Our Mission

    Our mission as a practice is to create a space where you feel welcomed and that you belong. We want to cultivate a community of people who are attuned to themselves and others. We want to grow a place where clients can find a place to call home and be seen in a safe environment.

    We're here for you.

    We are servants, first and foremost. We work hard to create a hospitable environment. When you are here with us, please come early and stay as long as you want. This is your space too. Clients will often come early, grab a cup of coffee or tea, journal, pray, or just sit in peace.

    Meet Our Counselors

    Laura Williams

    Counselor, Founder and Co-owner LPC-MHSP, DARTT, EMDR trained

    Abby Doores

    LMFT, EMDR Trained, Prepare-Enrich Certified

    Madelyn Boerste

    Master's Level Practicum StudentLiberty University

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