• Christian is a scary word

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    When I talk about being a counselor with a Christian perspective, it is less about what your beliefs are and more about what mine are. Because I proclaim to be a Christian, I am convicted to lead a life in the ways and teachings of Jesus. If we look at the life of Jesus and how he treated all human beings, we see a man who, at his core, is unconditionally loving, compassionate, kind, a servant, gentle, patient, committed and humble. In my eyes, he was the example of what a true “counselor” should be. In my practice, you will be met at the door with the same grace that Jesus offers me every day.

    What a Christian perspective offers is the confidence to know that, even though I am called to be a counselor and have the right credentials behind my name, I too have my own story, and am far from perfect.

    People come to me full of shame over what they have done or haven’t done. They think that their transgressions are too big to ever be healed. They feel regret and guilt and fear that they will never find forgiveness. They think that they deserve to be lonely because there is something wrong with them. From my perspective, we are all people in need of grace. When we meet, I hope that you feel accepted and loved as you are.