• Laura Williams

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    LPC-MHSP, DARTT, EMDR trained

    Counselor and Founder

    After graduating in 2005 with my Master’s Degree in Counseling, the course of life took some unexpected turns. Learning to navigate both the beautiful rays of sunshine that peek through the trees and the scariness of the darkness of the thickest parts of the woods has given me new perspective on life and certainly on counseling.

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    Each of us has our own story. Mine begins 44 years ago in a small town in Florida. I’m not sure what the ending is going to be like yet, but what I do know is that the journey is all about adventure and wonder. It is a constant seeking for purpose. The problem happens when we are seeking our purpose in the dark; in the dark about who we are and how we define ourselves. That’s why we need a light. But it can’t be just any light. It has to be OUR light. It’s found deep within our soul, sometimes buried under layer upon layer of “life”.

    What I found through my own life experience, is that I spent most of my life living in the dark. I would try to seek purpose using the light of others but I had lost mine. It was deeply buried and I honestly didn’t even know it existed. I was living for everyone else…except me.

    Through God’s grace and with the support of a small group of trusted women, my extremely supportive husband, and one amazing counselor, I embarked on a journey that completely changed my life. I never could have dreamed that the way I had been living up until then wasn’t all there was. But what really resonated with me was that I wasn’t alone. The more I talked with other women, the more I realized that a lot of us are the on the same place; struggling to see the light that keeps us from the darkest and scariest parts of the woods.

    I found my light and, eventually, be FOUND was born. I felt a stirring in my soul that I could use my story to impact other women struggling to find their own light. Darkness can look like many things to many different people. It can be addiction, codependence, abusive relationships, loneliness, perfectionism, fear, worry, shame, anxiety, depression, fatigue, living through our children, living through our partners, and so many more. Through our counseling relationship, I want to partner with you on a journey to a much more fulfilling and joy-filled life.

    In addition to being a counselor, I am a wife of 22 years and a mother to 3 very unique boys (18, 16, and 12). As if being a mom of boys is not already crazy enough, we have 3 dogs and 2 cats! I love to be outside, watch baseball, write, read, play music, fiddle with my guitar, play piano, cook, create, snuggle up with my family and watch a movie (or whatever sporting event they have their eye on), or learn something new.

    E-mail directly: [email protected]