• Maddie Boerste

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    Maddie Boerste

    Hi there, my name is Maddie and I’m so glad that you’re here! I am a Master’s level intern here at Be Found. Understanding and making sense of your story is a precious process, so finding the right person to invite into your counseling journey is essential. 

    My three greatest passions in the work that I do are grief, anxiety, and identity. While walking through my own grief journey, I discovered a unique gift to partner with others in their questioning, processing, and planning for life after loss. Similarly, my own walk with anxiety and depression has equipped me to walk step by step with others in their unique experience in those areas. Throughout the lifespan, identity is an ever-changing yet deep-rooted process as we grow and develop. I thrive in partnering with my clients in discovering what makes them come alive and unveiling their unique identity. 

    My relationship with God is the core of my life and spirituality is a key piece that I integrate into the therapeutic process for those who choose. However, if that is not a part of your journey, my door is wide open with full permission to share your unique story. I consider it a privilege to enter into every therapeutic relationship with an open mind and flexibility. You are the author of your story and I consider it an honor to partner with you. 

    My educational background includes both a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education as well as Psychology from Belmont University. Through my experience as a teacher in a Title I setting, I discovered a passion for working with children experiencing trauma which I continue to grow through my current work. I am now in the final stages of earning my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University and plan to continue my career here at Be Found after graduating. 

    You can email Madelyn directly at [email protected]