• Why be FOUND?

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    Be FOUND was dreamt and created after years of searching for my own light. As a lifelong seeker, I realized that I was not alone. I knew there had to be more, not just for me, but for others around me. In order for something to be found, it has to have already existed. When we set out on a search to find something, we know that there is something to find. Whether it’s a certain shell on the beach or our calling in life, it is there already.

    I believe that when we enter this world, we are born with a light; a purpose. But the world we enter into, isn’t perfect and isn’t always the best environment for that light to stay bright. Whether its our family or origin, our economic bracket, our social circle, the town we live in, the country we were born into, our culture, all of it can impact that light in positive or negative ways. Most of the time, people’s lights dim over time because of these environments and sometimes we even think it’s gone completely. But, I believe it is not.

    So, be FOUND started because I want to help people reignite that light; to find the purpose with which you were brought into this world. Without our own light, we cannot find our own way and we cannot positively impact others. It is a life long journey of discovery and once we have the tools, it is an awesome undertaking! I would love the chance to partner with you in that journey of being FOUND.